City Commission moves forward on bond application for Bobby Jones

City of Sarasota movies forward on bonds for Bobby Jones

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - In a meeting Monday, City Commissioners approved the process to apply for up to $20 million in bonds for the city-owned Bobby Jones Golf Club.

City officials said this doesn’t mean they’ve decided to use the entire $20 million for the planned renovations, but they do want to get started on the lengthy court application process now.

Tuesday, Mayor Liz Alpert called this next step a preventive measure to make sure that once the bonds are approved and issued, no one can challenge them legally.

“The bond council that talked to us last night anticipated [it would take] six months to a year," said Alpert. "I loved the 45-hole plan that they came up with, but I also wouldn’t be opposed if it makes fiscal sense to do lesser.”

At least one Sarasota resident has confirmed that he is planning to file a lawsuit against the city’s bond application.

In that case, the court will have the final decision on if the city has the authority to issue the bonds.

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