Tropical Storm Barry influences oil and gas prices

Tropical Storm Influences Oil and Gas Prices

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Most of the oil and gas rigs in the Gulf are in Tropical Storm Barry’s path and at this time almost 30 percent of the rigs have been evacuated.

That means prices at the pump will go up. Gas Buddy says this will become a supply issue and they recommend you go ahead and fill up before prices go up.

“Prices are going to pick up a little bit because its already started to tick up," Allison Mac, a Gas Buddy analyst said. "But I don’t foresee it being too high or ticking up for too long because once this storm passes us, i think it should be going back down pending no major damages or anything of that sort.”

According to Gas Buddy, the average gas price in Florida right now is $2.62.

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