Town hall meeting held at Lincoln Memorial Academy discussing their financial crisis

Lincoln Memorial Academy Town Hall Meeting

PALMETTO, Fla. (WWSB) - Hundreds of people including students, parents and teachers gathered Thursday night at Lincoln Memorial Academy for a town hall meeting.

The charter school’s Founder and CEO Eddie Hundley talked about their financial issues, which includes not being able to pay bills among other problems.

“The purpose was just to make sure people knew what’s really going on in our school, both with the kids with the programming," said Hundley. "And since there’s been such a concentrated amount of media on the financial situation, I just wanted people to understand we didn’t happen to get into that.”

Hundley says the Manatee County School District isn’t properly funding their school regarding the guidelines for a high percentage of students from low income families. He told the crowd the school was projected to receive up to $280,000 based on the number of students in the school but the state only approved $110,000.

Ericka Murrell has two students who attend the school. There’s fear the school could disappear.

“These kids love this school, we don’t want it to stop, so we’re going to fight,” said Murrell.

The school district says an additional $40,000 was given to Lincoln. They say they are working with the charter school’s board to get the school back on track financially.

“There was a projection, the Department of Education set the number and that number was paid,” said Mitchell Teitelbaum, General Counsel for the Manatee County School District.

Hundley has filed a complaint against the school district. He and many others are hoping for a solution soon.

“I think that the state or whatever powers to be should step in and make the school board do what is right for this school,” said Bonnie Riley Belford, a concerned resident.

The school board will hold a workshop regarding this on July 23rd at 2pm. The public will be allowed to comment during the meeting later in the day. That meeting will get underway at 5:45pm.

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