North Port YMCA will not receive funding from city

North Port YMCA will not receive funding from city

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WWSB) - Another decision was made on the future of a YMCA service in North Port this week.

This comes down after the Sky family YMCA announced last week that it would be closing the doors of its child care center at the end of September.

Well, it’s the same conclusion the city came to about the YMCA Child Care Center. They will not be giving additional funding, but this time it’s about what’s on this side of the property that has been here since the 1950s.

The Sarasota County Health Department gave North Port until September to make improvements to the pool since the city owns the actual building.

However, officials say the cost to make repairs doesn’t make sense, and are putting that responsibility back on the YMCA.

“We are not going to put any more money into it because there would be such an expense to restore something like this," Commissioner Jill Luke of the North Port City Commission said. "It’s like trying to put a new engine in a vehicle that has a transmission blown out. It’s not that we’re leaving anybody out of any service, it’ll just be done in another location.”

The city says with the new aquatic center opening next month, there’s no need to spend taxpayer money on an old pool.

Meanwhile, YMCA says they’re working on securing a new child care center and getting the funds to repair the existing pool.

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