Increase in number of sick coyotes in Venice

Increase on sick coyotes in Venice

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Coyote sightings are not unusual on the Suncoast, but in the City of Venice people say they’re seeing more than they are used to and many of them look sick and weak.

Wildlife officials say it’s because of increased development. These coyotes have less and less space to roam and not enough access to resources. This causes them to not have enough food, get hurt and even catch mange.

Wildlife Center of Venice workers say since January, they’ve had to rescue six coyotes. The normal yearly average is about five.

Even though they’re very elusive and difficult to catch, the question many have is should we leave these sick animals in their natural habitat or should they be picked up and rehabilitated?

“If we get a call on a coyote, we will send one of our experience rescuers out there and they’ll assess the coyote," Pamela Defouw of the Wildlife Center of Venice said. "If it’s an old, healed injury that medically nothing can be done and he’s getting along fine and is able to walk and eat, we’ll make the call to leave them there.”

If there is something medically they can do for them, they will take them back to the wildlife center and nurse them back to health and then release them once again.

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