Myakka City woman talks about surviving boat fire with her husband and two puppies 30 miles off the Gulf Coast

Couple survives boat fire in the Gulf

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - Video captured by FF Melgaard shows what firefighters from Naples were battling in the Gulf of Mexico last month, 30 miles Southwest of Marco Island.

A 40-foot boat belonging to Amy and Glenn McIntyre of Myakka City caught fire. They managed to escape with their two puppies before a huge explosion. They had grabbed two boxes of cereal and some water, preparing to survive on a raft for as long as they could.

“It was scary not being able to get a hold of anybody, to be there and very little traffic, the likelihood of anyone coming that way on a weekend was pretty rare," said Amy McIntyre. "It was a rare route that we were going, it was nerve-wracking.”

There were a lot of prayers and those prayers were answered. After about two hours, a Key West Express boat spotted the smoke from many miles away. They were able to rush to rescue the couple and their puppies.

“It just felt like either we’re going to get rescued or we’ll go to heaven," said McIntyre. "That’s one of the things I wish I could say goodbye to people or see people one more time, that is a lot of what we thought of.”

Despite the firefighters efforts, McIntyre tells us, it would still take a few days for the boat to finish smoldering than sinking to the bottom of the Gulf. The couple is grateful that they survived this terrifying ordeal and they are doing better now, but they still miss this boat that meant so much to them.

“We got married on that boat so definitely some attachment," said McIntyre. "We’ve got the sailboat but we’ll probably stay close to shore for awhile.”

It appears the cause of the boat fire is something electrical. Fortunately no one was injured during the fire or during the rescue.

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