Officials prepare for possible flooding with potential of tropical development in the Gulf

County officials prepare for possible tropical depression storm

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - When we get lots of rain, we all know how quickly some areas on the Suncoast can flood.

A tropical development is possibly underway in the Gulf and Sarasota County Emergency Management officials are preparing in advance.

“We’re watching the National Weather Service report and we’ve been putting out flash reports to all of our partners. So everyone that works for emergency management throughout the county, all of our city partners, they get the information that we’re seeing,” said Ed McCrane, Emergency Management Chief for Sarasota County.

While they say it’s too early to tell, they’ve been working with other departments within the county to prepare in case of flooding.

“Our storm water team get the flash reports. They have actions that they take, they go out to make sure drainage areas are clear," he said.

On Friday after some heavy rain, the Sarasota Police Department posted a picture on their social media pages showing parts of U.S. 301 near Fruitville underwater.

“It gets really flooded, the water, every time it is raining. The water jumps to the window,” said Andres Salgado, owner of the Colombian Point Restaurant on U.S. 301 and 4th Street.

He says his restaurant suffers when the road is covered in water.

“All my customers don’t want to come in through the front door because it’s really flooded outside, and they don’t want to sit here next to the window because they get scared when the water jumps to the window,” he said.

To avoid that and keep the roads safe, county officials will be on the lookout.

“We put out barricades and high water signs whenever roads get flooded and there are some areas especially around the coast when the rain is extensive then is going to cause road flooding,” said McCrane.

He warns everyone to be careful if they find themselves driving on flooded roads.

“Turn around, find a different route to get to where you’re going you know the saying, turn around don’t drown,” he said.

County officials urge residents to sing up for their Code Red notifications, in case of an emergency.

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