Lido Beach renourishment project expected to hold hundreds for Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix

Powerboat Renourishment

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - On Sunday, Lido Beach will be the place to be to watch the 35th annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix, and new sand should allow bigger crowds.

This comes months after the City of Sarasota completed its emergency renourishment project at Lido Beach.

“Since last year we have 40 to 80 feet of additional beach space,” said City Manager Tom Barwin.

The project expanded the beach which suffered significant erosion. Now it will have enough room for racing fans to watch the races.

“That extra beach capacity of 40 to 80 feet beyond what we had last year could open up several hundred potential boat race fans and beach goers,” said Barwin.

And many see the difference.

“It’s actually very good, and easy to walk in,” said Sheeva Joodaki, who recently visited Lido Beach eight months months ago. She was stunned to see how much it has changed.

“I like the beach and I also like that it’s not that deep,” she said.

She joined hundreds of beachcgoers packing the beach since Saturday morning with enough space to put up tents. A goal the city wants to continue.

“If it goes according to plan, next year this time we’ll have 80 additional feet to what we have right now to what we have right now,” said Barwin.

The city will continue with a larger long term renourishment program. That’s expected to begin this Fall.

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