Florida woman: Gator crashing into home was a ‘fun thing’

Florida woman: Gator crashing into home was a ‘fun thing’
A massive, 11-foot gator broke into a home in the City of Clearwater and had to be removed from the kitchen. (Source: City of Clearwater)

CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) — Who knew that an 11-foot-alligator crashing through the kitchen window of a Florida home would turn out to be a “fun thing?”

The gator broke red wine bottles and left a dent in the refrigerator at the Clearwater home of 77-year-old Mary Wischhusen on May 31. But she’s looking on the bright side. No one was hurt and the police and fire rescue workers who responded to her house were cute.

Not to mention that she’s become a minor celebrity. She tells the Tampa Bay Times she’s been stopped and asked if she’s the “gator lady.” People have left bottles of red wine to replace the ones the gator broke.

She says things are getting back to normal, except for the dent knocked into the fridge by the gator’s swinging tail.

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