Sarasota doctor pleased President Trump took his advice

Sarasota Doc Gets Bill Passed

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Five days a week, Dr. Brad Lerner quietly sees patients in his Sarasota office. But twice this year, the White House asked him to come to Washington, DC, to give President Donald Trump insight into hospital pricing.

Earlier this week, the President signed an Executive Order on transparency of prices and Dr. Lerner felt the satisfaction of helping shape a national policy.

“It feels wonderful to have been at the table at the beginning of these conversations to give my advice, my knowledge, and to see in a relatively short period of time that they could take this and make it happen, it feels good," Dr. Lerner said.

Dr. Lerner says a high-powered friend in Washington, DC, suggested the White House reach out to him.

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