New study shows technology use could be causing “head horns”

Research reveals 'head horns'

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - A warning to millennials and even their parents - new research shows that constantly looking down at your phone or computer could give you “head horns.”

Doctors said these so-called “head horns” are developing because of a very familiar hunched posture, as we all spend time looking down at our phones, tablets or computers.

They are bumps on your neck that could look like horns on an X-ray.

In a 28-year-old’s X-ray, the visible deformity is equal to the length of the tip of a pinky finger sticking out of his skull.

It’s one of the many included in a survey conducted in Australia.

Researchers looked at 1,200 X-rays and found that 33% of the skulls tested had the figure protruding from the lower part of their heads, just above the neck.

The study only considered people aged 18 to 30 and the lead doctor said they never would’ve thought that bone spurs so large could occur at such an early age.

Researchers think it’s from all of the forward tilting of our heads while using technology.

Here on the Suncoast, the Chairman of Surgery at Sarasota Memorial Hospital has tips so you can try to prevent this.

“Sit up straight, look forward, adjust your seat to the level of your computer," Dr. Jack Wazen recommended. "Adjust the way you’re holding your phone or your tablet to a level where you head is not bent forward, because that eventually is going to cause problems.”

It’s important to add, this study does have some doubters pointing out that there’s no proof phone use is causing the growths.

The authors said it still begs the question - are we physically evolving because of technology?

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