VIDEO: Sarasota City’s Transportation Master Plan: What’s your vision for traffic?

City of Sarasota transportation master plan

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Before you read this article: Do you live, work or travel in Sarasota? If yes, then you need to take this survey called “Sarasota in Motion.”

According to the city, they are preparing its first citywide transportation master plan, which will serve as a playbook for how the city not only invests in transportation infrastructure, but also how it achieves the community’s larger quality of life goals.

ABC7′s Digital Team caught up with Megan Lui, the Transportation Planner for the City of Sarasota at St. Armands Circle as her planning team gathered feedback from commuters on what they felt were the best travel options. She told us the process will take up to 18 months and it’s currently in the envisioning stage.

“We can accommodate so many things with in that space, this top diagram shows mostly vehicular traffic and then at the other extreme we have a roadway cross section that accommodates pedestrians, roadways, bicycles, and vehicular, so this diagram shows what people want to see in the city,” said Lui.

Below you can see the four different phases the city will take before making their final decision. But remember before you voice matters and make sure you input is heard! Want to know more? Visit their website.

18-month Sarasota's City Transportation Master Plan
18-month Sarasota's City Transportation Master Plan (Source: City o)

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