Man pleads guilty to killing his girlfriend’s mother in 2017

Man pleads guilty in 2017 murder

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - During a court appearance Tuesday, Roy Nichols pleaded guilty murder and grand theft auto for killing the mother of his then-girlfriend in 2017.

Roy Nichols and his then-girlfriend Kayla Colyer stayed with Colyer’s mother, Patricia Freeman, from time-to-time in Manatee County. In May 2017, Nichols and Freeman got into an argument over the use of her car. He hit Freeman over the head, killing her.

Nichols fled.

Freeman’s body was later found in Levy County, which is west of Ocala. Nichols was arrested in West Virginia, where he was found with Colyer.

“In count one I’ll sentence you to five years in the department of corrections,” Judge Frederick Mercurio of the Manatee County Courthouse said. “In count two I’ll sentence you to the current period of 30 years in the department of corrections.”

As for Colyer, she says she didn’t know Nichols killed her mother when they left the state. She entered a no-contest plea back in June 2017 and was sentenced to five months jail time.

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