Safety tips when using ride share apps

Ride share safety

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - More people are using ride sharing apps, a new study found the numbers have doubles in the past four years.

While the Uber and Lyft apps have its pros, it's still important to always use caution when getting into someone else's car.

Sarasota Police Department’s Public Information Officer Genevieve Judge said people should always request their ride inside and around people. Judge said people should spend as little time as they can outside by themselves with their phone in their hand, because doing so could make them a target.

It's also important to know which car you need to get into to.

“Verify the driver’s name, check the license plate, and make sure who it says is arriving on the app is who actually arrives to pick you up. And at any time you don’t feel comfortable, it’s okay to tell someone no, I’m going to get another ride,” Judge said.

Riders are reminded to not share too much personal information either on the app or in the car with your driver. Also to sit in the backseat if they can so there's distance between them and the driver.

Lastly, riders should always tell someone where they are going and share their location with family and friends through the app.

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