Money-Saving Monday: How to save on airfare

Affordable airfare advice

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Are you looking to book a flight in the upcoming months, but aren’t sure how to find the best deal?

AAA Travel Agent Sue Fitzgerald said the theory that plane tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays isn’t the case anymore. With everything being computerized, flight prices really depend on supply and demand of that flight and the price adjusts according to that automatically.

Using a website like Google Flights, which compares all flights from different airlines, could help you look around to see what your cheapest option will be.

Fitzgerald said the key to finding the best deal is to check different days of the week to fly and to look for flights that are during those off hours like the early morning or late night.

"If you want that wonderful 10 a.m. that gets into wherever you're going at 2 p.m. So that it's perfect timing, it's probably going to cost you anywhere from $50 to $200 more to be able to fly that flight depending on where you're going," Fitzgerald said.

She went on to say when it comes to low cost carriers, while their prices may be unbeatable, you have to look at the risk factors. Those planes don't fly every day of the week, so if the flight is cancelled due to weather, you could be stuck for a few days before you can get another flight.

Another thing a lot of airlines offer now is something called basic economy. Those tickets are normally $30 to $50 less than normal economy seats, so it could be a good option for you if you want a cheap ticket. But with basic economy you don’t get your seat assignment until check in and some airlines only allow you to fly with a personal item and not use the overhead bin space for a carry on.

Fitzgerald said if you plan to bring more luggage than a personal item this may not be the cheapest option because you will end up paying to check your bags, making the price around the same as an economy ticket.

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