Illegal dumping could lead to heavy fining

Illegal dumping in North Port

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WWSB) - Illegal dumping is once again rearing its head in the City of North Port.

Residents say that while overall the situation has improved somewhat, they’re still seeing piles of furniture and trash left behind on empty properties throughout their neighborhoods.

While the City of North Port continues to grow every day, there are still tons of undeveloped areas where lots of garbage ends up coming to.

Public works has put in signs like these warning of fines that you could have to pay if you’re caught illegally dumping or littering. They have crews out on calls like this regularly.

“I don’t think it’s been as bad, and we’ve seen a lot of police coming around often, so that may be part of the reason," Doreen Dileo of North Port said.

The city has tried cracking down aggressively on the messes and making the public aware that this is illegal, but it just hasn’t been enough to scare off all of the litterbugs.

“There’s a cost to everything like that, so whether it’s a call to pick up a sofa or to pick up piles of garbage, it costs resources for the taxpayers," Michael Fear of the City of North Port Public Works said.

While most taxpayers know there are other ways they could get rid of their junk, officials are also having to pick up after homeless camps.

“The thing with areas like that is that we don’t want to touch anyone’s property, so the things that we have picked up as Public Works has been litter items like boxes, cans and litter items," Fear said.

These areas are not very common in North Port, but most recently have added to the pile. “I feel bad for homeless people, but I think they need to clean up after themselves. They’re citizens too, and whether or not they pay taxes, this is still their area. Take pride in it,” Fear said.

The city wants us to remind the public that if they do come across camps on private property, to please contact the North Port Police Department.

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