One suspect now behind bars, another suspect at large in connection to April’s Longboat Key home burglaries

Longboay Key home burglary investigation

LONGBOAT KEY, Fla. (WWSB) - The burglaries happened back in April in a very exclusive neighborhood on Longboat Key. Police say one of the suspects is now behind bars while the other still remains at large.

It was a burglary spree that shocked people living in Bay Isles Harbor development. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry and other items stolen from at least three homes. Paul Klick has lived here for nearly two decades.

“I think it was extremely surprising but not so much so that you shouldn’t expect something like that to happen.”

Through an in depth investigation involving a group of police departments including Longboat Key, Christopher Valdez was arrested in Key West. He appears to be an accomplice in these crimes. Police were able to identify Eremy Lorenzo as the prime suspect. A license plate reader on Longboat Key helped with the investigation. Lorenzo was being held in a Dade County jail regarding a warrant out of Sarasota and had posted bail earlier this year before being linked to these alleged burglaries.

“He’s going to higher end homes, he’s going to the back of the residences," said Lt. Robert Bourque with the Longboat Key Police Department. "He’s looking in through sliders, he’s going in around dinner time when people go to dinner, he’s predominantly going into houses that the sliders have been unlocked but there are some he has pried open.”

Police say Lorenzo is usually in and out of these homes in a matter of minutes. It’s not known if there are other suspects participating in this crime spree. Klick has talked to his neighbors about being more proactive in keeping their homes and themselves safe.

“Make sure you keep your security systems, make sure you monitor things correctly and just to be aware of what’s going on around you,” said Klick.

If you have any more information on the whereabouts of Eremy Lorenzo, you’re being asked to contact authorities immediately. Police here and elsewhere are continuing with their investigation.

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