Let’s eat Ginger-soy consommé

Ginger-soy consommé - Noon. 6.10

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Let’s eat Ginger-soy consommé!

Ginger-soy consommé

2 cups lobster broth

¼ cup sherry wine

2 cups water

2 Tbls. Soy sauce

2 Tbls. White miso paste

1 each 4 inch piece of fresh ginger

2 each bay leaf

¼ cup carrots, minced

¼ cup celery, minced

¼ cup onion, minced

1 cup egg whites

10 each black peppercorns

4 each star anise

Procedure: In a medium sized pot mix the carrots, celery, onions, and egg whites. Stir in the lobster broth, water, and sherry wine. Add the bay leaf, peppercorns, star anise, and ginger. Place the pot over medium heat and simmer.

Cook for 45 minutes by this time the vegetables should have floated to the top and formed a foamy raft. Strain the broth through a fine sieve and stir in the soy sauce and miso paste. Garnish with thinly sliced fresh vegetables before serving.

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