Some local families questioning where their memorial bricks from GWIZ will be located

Families question memorial brick location

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Last month, demolition began at the GWIZ building in Sarasota. For years, the former children’s museum showcased bricks that honored many family’s loved ones. Now those families are asking, What will happen to those memorials?

“When someone takes an effort to immortalize you in a stone or something, it’ll be nice if those stones aren’t disregarded,” said Peter Fischer.

About three decades ago, Fischer and his wife honored the life and legacy of his father.

“My father was a WWII veteran,” he said.

Fischer told ABC7 that his dad loved coming to the GWIZ building. So when he passed away, Fischer decided to keep his memory alive by getting a memorial brick displayed on the historic building. However, last month crews began demolition. And since, Fischer wondered: Where did the memory of his father go?

“It’s part of the history of this site and one of the things that we’re committed to, is to honor the history,” said Bill Waddill, chief implementation officer for the Bayfront Conservancy.

He says those bricks will continue being part of the area.

“We have to continue telling the story and the heritage of what we know about this site. So we thought it was good to save those bricks,” he said.

The bricks will be part of 50 acre project that will be transformed into a park. It will include a pedestrian bridge and a recreational pier. But one thing is uncertain right now and that’s where the bricks will be located. Waddill says construction is in its early stages and they will decide in the future where the bricks will be placed.

In the meantime, when we told Fischer about the new plans, his worries turned to a sigh of relief.

“It’s the first time I heard about that. I think it’s great,” said Fischer.

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