How to stay safe when working out in the heat

Summer workout safety

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - During this near record-breaking heat, it’s important to be smart about outdoor workouts. This time of year those workouts can lead to heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or even heat stroke.

Personal Trainer, Christian Poslock, with Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s HealthFit said it will take a person’s body about five to 10 days to adjust to the heat and humidity this time of year.

Poslock said If you want to workout outside, try to schedule that activity for either early mornings or later in the evening so that you are avoiding the peak heat hours. He recommends if you're a runner to try to bike instead, that way you can get somewhat of a breeze.

When it comes to clothing to wear outdoors, he said to wear light colored clothing so it doesn't attract the sun. Also to have that clothing be loose fitting. If the clothing is tight it's going to trap the water you're sweating out, which actually will make your body lose more water than if you are to wear loose clothing.

People over the age of 65 should take more caution when working out outdoors because they have a higher risk for heat-related illnesses. People should also be aware of any side effects of the medications they're taking. Ask your doctor if your medication has any dehydrating effects and what precautions you should take when working out.

Staying hydrated is also a key to staying safe when working out.

“Depending on if you’re trained or untrained. If you’re a smaller individual or a larger individual, we can lose anywhere up to a liter or a liter and a half of water within an hour so one rule of thumb I like to give is eight to twelve ounces of water every fifteen minutes to make up for that fluid loss. You’re not only losing fluid, you’re also losing electrolytes so don’t be afraid to supplement with anything like a Gatorade or a sports drink,” Poslock said.

If you start to feel extremely tired, nauseous, or dizzy that’s a sign that you’re experiencing heat exhaustion. If that happens be sure to stop your workout, get into the shade or indoors, and hydrate.

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