Try to de-stress even as you prepare for severe weather

Try to de-stress even as you prepare for severe weather

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - As dark clouds move in and the wind picks up, so can some people’s anxiety and stress over hurricane season.

After two years of hurricanes on or near the Suncoast, Jennifer Seabolt and her daughter Cierra find themselves preparing for another season. Jennifer is worried about the hurricanes. The two ladies live in a mobile home, which tends to be one of the first areas to be evacuated when the threat of a storm comes our way and where it floods deep.

Researchers at the University of California-Irvine released a study this year asking 1,600 Florida residents to report their hours spent watching media reports in advance of 2017’s Hurricane Irma and their anxiety levels in the aftermath.

“It is a daunting thought. Tremendous anxiety for some. But if a storm is coming you have to pay attention to reports,” said Terry Cassidy, the Executive Director of Behavior Health Sarasota Memorial Hospital. “There are ways to alleviate the stress of hurricane season. Staying alert but not stressing out is key.”

Cassidy leaves us with ways not to stress during Hurricane season:

  • Deep breathing can help with stress.
  • Call a friend or seek someone to talk to about the stress.
  • Exercise or try write down what you are stressed about.
  • If you are thinking a lot about a hurricane, ask yourself how realistic this is to dwell on it?

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