Two people in Florida arrested for leaving a pig in a hot car

Florida Couple Arrested for Leaving Pet Pig in Hot Car

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Two people are behind bars after a hot car incident in Jacksonville involving a pig trapped in a locked car.

Two good Samaritans saw the pig in the car in the scorching heat and called security.

Security said they didn’t have the authority to get inside the car without the owner’s permission so they called police. Officers waited to see if the owner would return until they said the pig’s condition began to deteriorate.

“At this point, an hour since I made the video, since I’ve made the video, the pig is in here and he’s foaming at the mouth," Miranda Lamendola, who called the police said. "When he foamed at the mouth, I was freaking out. At first I actually thought he was throwing up, but no he was foaming. He was shaking and that’s when I turned to the cop and said he is foaming at the mouth. Can you please break the window?”

They broke the window, got the pig in the back seat of the police car. Police eventually charged the owners with animal cruelty charges.

Animal care officials now have custody of the pig.

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