A Very Unofficial Poll: The Best Burger on the Suncoast

A Very Unofficial Poll: The Best Burger on the Suncoast

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - National Hamburger Day was Tuesday and we wanted to know: Who has the best burger on the Suncoast?

We asked our fans on Facebook and Instagram and received more than 150 comments. We decided to tally those comments up to figure out who had the best burger in a very unofficial way.

This wasn’t a fancy poll with statistics and a thorough counting system. We grabbed a pen, grabbed some paper, and started writing down names and putting hash marks whenever a name repeated.

Not all comments counted, like the ones voting for burgers that you can’t buy on the Suncoast. (We’re glad you like Stella’s in Bellevue, NE, Matt, but we have no intention of going there to buy a burger.) We also didn’t count any chains, like In-And-Out, Five Guys, Culver’s, Smashburger, Longhorn Steakhouse, Cheesecake Factory or McDonald’s (yes, someone really voted for McDonald’s). Before you complain, remember: we’re looking for the best burger on the Suncoast and what we were looking for are burgers you can only get here.

There were some comments that were unhelpful, like this one from Kamara: “Cheese burger.” Yes, yes that is a type of burger. No, no that is not what we’re talking about. And some comments that were downright bizarre, like this one from Ursula, who wrote, “My house. It’s the only place I can eat it raw. Not sure why but my body rejects cooked hamburgers no matter how good they are.” We’re not judging, but WHAT?!

But we were generous in counting comments like this one from John, “Just had one from Geckos.” We guess that counts as a vote? And though it seems strange, we even counted some votes like this one from Adam, “Heard Council is good.” We thought about not counting it, but word of mouth is a powerful factor in making restaurants successful. So let’s pretend he’s eaten it because even if he hasn’t he’s recommending it to others. We also allowed people to have more than one vote in the same comment (what are you going to do, cry about it?) because it can be hard to have an all-time favorite.

So with that understanding, here are the official results of our unofficial poll.

The best burger on the Suncoast is...

We saw the name come up again and again. (And though it has multiple locations, they are all located here, so we don’t think it counts as a chain! What do you want to do, fight about it? Although that does mean we can’t say WHICH location outshines the others. You can see the full list of options here.)

But there was a very close contender that only had two less mentions, and that was...

They’re located at 3550 S Osprey Ave in Sarasota.

Those two dominated when we were tallying votes, with more than double the numbers of votes of the joint with the burger that came in third.

We know you’re all curious, so here are the remaining top 10:

3.) Patricks - 1481 Main St in Sarasota

4.) New Pass Grill & Bait Shop - 1505 Ken Thompson Pkwy in Sarasota

5.) S.O.B. Burgers - 5866 14th St W in Bradenton

5.) Hob Nob Drive In Restaurant - 1701 N Washington Blvd in Sarasota

5.) Smacks Burgers & Shakes (apparently those guys at Gecko’s know their burgers...) - 2407 Bee Ridge Rd in Sarasota

8.) Smoqehouse - 1701 Gulf Dr N in Bradenton Beach

8.) Full Belly Stuffed Burgers - 8742 East State Road 70 in Bradenton

8.) Gold Rush BBQ - 661 S Tamiami Trail in Venice

8.) BrewsBurgers - 370 Commercial Ct in Venice

We listed the tied restaurants in no particular order. Yes - there WERE a lot of ties! (And technically it put us at the top 11... oh well! What were you expecting from an unofficial poll??)

There was also a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng list of runners-ups with only one or two votes apiece. We’re going to list them below. But with no way to organize them fairly in a way that doesn’t mistakenly give a connotation of one burger joint being better than the other or giving list priority to one restaurant versus another (because even alphabetically could give an advantage to those with names that begin with "A" versus those that begin with "Z" by having them appear at the top of the list), we decided to list them in the order in which we tallied the votes:

So in no particular order, here are all the honorable mentions:


Pop’s Sunset Grill

Captain Curt’s Sniki Tiki

Burgundy Square Cafe

The Parrot Patio Bar & Grill

Captain Eddie’s Seafood Restaurant

JR’s Old Packinghouse Cafe

Bogey’s of Venice

Central Cafe

Skinny’s Place

Alpine Steakhouse

Look - we know not everyone is going to be happy with this list. We can hear the complaints already: “But WWSB, if we knew you were counting votes, we would have voted for our favorite!” Or: “Your poll is skewed and the results shouldn’t be counted!” Or: “Waaaaahhhh! Waahhhh! I’m a big baby who doesn’t understand the concept of enjoying life and having a little fun! Waaaaaah!”

To all of you (potential) whiners out there, try to look on the bright side. You now have a very long list of places to try out! (And we’ve stopped counting votes so don’t think you can get us to change the list!)

Bon appetit!

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