Citizens sign petition to close down Spot 26 in Manatee County

Locals sign petition to close down Spot 26 nightclub

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Some Bradenton homeowners are fed up with the patrons of a nearby bar and nightclub.

They just live a block or so away from the Spot 26 Nightclub and say it has caused them to fear for their safety after a series of shootings and fights. Many residents are now taking matters into their own hands.

“It’s going to take a lot to get me out of here because I’ve worked for 30 years and this is my property and I’m not going to have them driving me out of my house,” Louis Kilgore, a resident of Manatee County said.

Residents like Louis Kilgore say they are fed up with the loud noise, cars parking in their yards and loud music blasting up and down their streets on Friday and Saturday nights.

“I have to put chairs at the end of my driveway and blockades to keep them out my driveway,” Kilgore said. “It’s a good block away from my house and I hear the noise. Sometimes they’ll move the party to Waffle House and I hear the noise all the way from there inside my house.”

So far this year, the Sheriff’s Office has responded to 33 calls at Spot 26. More than 60 surrounding neighbors want to see a change so they have signed a petition to present to Manatee County Commissioners to close the club’s doors for good.

But the club’s manager and owner, neither of which wanted to go on camera, tells us they shouldn’t be penalized because of what happens after their club closes, both saying they have been complying with all county code regulations but feel that are being singled out because of the club’s clientele.

“Everything that has happened or incidents have happened when we’ve been closed. We were not open when any of the incidents have happened so there is no reason to want to shut us down. It’s because of the complexion of the clientele that we have," argued the owner.

The club owner and manager says they have gone as far to putting in a metal detector to prevent guns going inside the club.

Once the petition is fully signed, it will go to county commissioners for a hearing.

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