Many in the Suncoast prepare for record breaking hot temperatures

Dangerous Summer Heat

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - It’s that time of year in the Suncoast where temperatures are on the rise. Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer, and events like the St. Armands Seafood and Music Festival brings hundreds to the area.

“There’s plenty shops around the circle that you can go to inside and browse,” said Tony Pitts, who is the business manager for Beach Life by Terry. Pitts came prepared head-to-toe to spend most of the day outside.

“Fishing gear and cargo shorts, you know, always helps to dress for the weather,” he said.

But spending too much time under sun can get dangerous. So doctors say if you start feeling fatigue, elevated heartbeat or heavy breathing can be a sign of heat exhaustion. Also, feeling shaky or lightheaded is a warning to get out of the sun immediately.

“Those are warning signs that we need to get to somewhere cooler,” said Dr. Laura McGill, who is an urgent care physician for Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

She says during the peak summer months, she sees more patients suffering from heat exhaustion. To avoid that, she says to drink lots of water but if it gets worse.

“If they’re having body temperature of more the 104 degrees, we recommend you submerging in ice cold bath to get as much heat off as possible,” she said.

Heat exhaustion might cause long term problems.

“It can lead with issues with the kidneys, issues with the lungs. It can be a potential life threatening issue,” said McGill.

To avoid that, many like Pitts say they will stay in cooler areas, so they can enjoy their weekend without any problems.

“Just keep drinking a lot of water, keeping the cool beverages down. Hopefully we’re going to be busy enough with sales, we won’t be thinking too much about the heat,” said Pitts.

If you feel any of those symptoms, you’re urged to go to an urgent care or emergency room.

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