More than 600 turtle nests along Suncoast beaches

Turtle nesting season is here on the Suncoast

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Turtle nesting season has arrived on the Suncoast and according to marine biologists it’s already a busy one.

According to biologists at Mote Laboratory, there are more than 600 nests in our beaches here on the Suncoast. Homeowners need to be careful not have any visible light near the beaches.

The light could confuse the turtles or hatchlings and they’ll mistakenly crawl towards that light. When that happens, Sarasota County issues a written warning to businesses, homes, or residents.

County code enforcement told ABC7 that violators don’t get fined. Instead, they provide technical support to bring properties to compliance.

Mote Marine said they are already seeing some violations.

“We have reports of a few violations already this season,” Melissa Bernhardt, a marine biologist at the Mote Laboratory said. “We had a couple of adult females that after nesting have crawled the wrong direction. I don’t know if he had obstructions with beach furniture yet, but it’s always good to keep them off the beach for them.”

Nesting season ends in October. Code enforcement also advises to not leave furniture at the beach because the turtles can get stuck, which leaves them stranded at the beach.

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