Troopers cracking down on impaired driving heading into Memorial Day weekend

DUI Wolfpack

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Troopers will be out in for this weekend looking for impaired drivers.

Florida Highway Patrol will be working with the Sheriff’s Office and local police departments to conduct what they call a DUI Wolf Pack.

There won’t be specific DUI checkpoints, but instead a squad of trooper-circulated hotspot areas. They say this works better because drivers can’t avoid a particular area.

“Obviously a DUI is very expensive," Trooper Kenn Watson of the Florida Highway Patrol said. "You’re going to lose your license and you’re going to jail. Also you’re having your vehicle towed and you’re calling an attorney. All of this adds up incredibly quickly. It is a lot less expensive to get an Uber, get a taxi, or go with a friend.”

Along with more patrol units out on the roads, drivers also should be aware of traffic this weekend.

Triple A says Friday afternoon will be when drivers will experience the worst congestion all weekend.

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