Complaint filed against COO of Sarasota County Schools

Complaints against Sarasota County School Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and HR Departmen

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - An school employee has filed an oral complaint against Jeff Maultsby, chief operating officer and assistant superintendent at Sarasota County Schools.

According to the school district’s complaint procedures, any time an oral complaint is given to an administrator by an employee, the employee is encouraged to fill out a formal complaint form. If an employee refuses to file a formal complaint, then the administrator will reduce the complaint to writing.

The employee has not yet filed a formal written complaint, but has provided the complaint through conversations and emails with Superintendent Todd Bowden and the human resources department. Per protocol, the school district says the superintendent documented the complaint.

Afterwards, the school district says the same employee filed a formal written complaint about the way the initial oral complaint was processed.

Because the formal written complaint is about the superintendent and the human resources department, it’ll be up to the School Board to determine a plan for resolution.

An outside firm will be investigating the original oral complaint. The school district says until that investigation ends, no further comments can be made.

The nature of the oral complaint is unclear at this time.

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