Doctors give advice on how to stay safe during record high temperatures

Avoiding heat exhaustion

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Record hitting temperatures can be dangerous to the body. Many will be hitting the beach or other outdoor events this Memorial Day weekend around the Suncoast, and health officials advising everyone to be cautious while enjoying the sun.

Doctors say fatigue, elevated heartbeat and heavy breathing are symptoms of heat exhaustion. You might also feel shaky or light-headed.

If you start feeling those symptoms, doctors say you need to immediately find somewhere cooler. They also say to drink lots of water. We also know that children and the elderly are more at risk in high temperatures.

“If not treated in the proper amount of time, it can lead to issues with the kidney, issues with the lungs. It can essentially be a life threatening issue,” said Dr. Laura McGill, urgent care physician at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Doctors say if you feel any of the symptoms, to go to an urgent care or to the emergency room.

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