First Alert Weather: A warm and muggy afternoon

First Alert Weather - Monday Afternoon

It’ll be another warm afternoon along the Suncoast today, with high’s reaching into the upper 80′s and low 90′s. Most everyone will experience sunny skies, but there is a slight chance for isolated showers and storms to develop, thanks to the heating of the day, and the sea breeze convergence. Any shower activity will most likely ignite inland, and then slowly migrate towards the coast. But any of these showers or storms that make it to the coast, will be short lived. There’s just not a lot of energy in the atmosphere to sustain them to last very long.

High pressure has a firm grip of the southeast, and is compressing the atmosphere to help limit any widespread shower activity. And it looks as if this pattern will persist over the next six to seven days.

There is, however, an interesting thing to talk about right now, and that’s what’s happening off the east coast of Florida. There’s an area of disturbed weather that is not organized (yet), but could become stronger in the next couple of days. The NHC (National Hurricane Center), has given this cluster of showers and storms a “60%" chance to develop into either a sub-tropical or a tropical cyclone, within the next 48 hours. The good news about this is that the system is moving to the northeast and away from land. The hurricane season officially starts on June 1st, but any activity that flairs up in the northern Atlantic, Caribbean, or Gulf of Mexico warrants monitoring.

But all in all, it looks like a pretty mild forecast this week, just one thing to suggest though... with plenty of sunshine over the next several days, you should consider putting on your sunscreen!

Have a wonderful Monday afternoon everyone!

Meteorologist Josh Stone

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