Residents pushing for action saying loud church has got to quiet down

Residents pushing for action saying loud church has got to quiet down
Upset neighbors say Venice church is too loud.

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) - Video showing an example of the noise neighbors of the CoastLife Church on Seaboard Avenue in Venice deal with frequently. Callie Desormier lives directly across the street from the church. She tells us she’s been dealing with loud music from the church for around 3 years, mostly on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings and periodically during other days of the week.

“It’s their service music, it’s a live band inside and that music from inside comes across the street, up my driveway and into my home and it makes my house thump,” said Desormier.

Desormier says in the beginning the pastor of the church was open with trying to resolve this issue, making some changes, but she tells us he stopped communicating with her regarding the continued noise problems.

“It’s very stressful, I work, my husband works, everybody in this neighborhood is a working person and we come home we want peace and quiet," said Desormier. "We want our nice quiet sanctuary and we don’t get it.”

CoastLife Church says they are aware of the situation and saddened that there is an issue. They say when they first became aware of the noise concern they downsized speakers and also added sound panels and various types of insulation. Kaitlin Porter and Shane Spalding live a few homes down from the church directly in the path of the noise. They tell us they are all for people worshipping there, but they say the noise has got to stop.

“When you work til sometimes one in the morning and the weekend is the only time for you to sleep in, it causes a problem when it’s 8am and you just hear this boom, boom, boom noise first thing,” said Porter.

“They do a lot of good, we’re just asking that they turn the music down and be respectful of everyone else in the neighborhood,” said Spalding.

Sarasota County says the sheriff’s office has issued citations, and just last month code enforcement found the church in violation of the noise ordinance when they recorded a reading of 78 decibels which is above the 70 decibels allowed in a residential area. The church says they are exploring ways to improve their presence in the neighborhood and hoping to be good neighbors. Desormier believes there is a simple solution.

“lower it, or just make some changes inside or put a wall on the outside that just bounces the sound back,” said Desormier.

Below is the full statement from the pastor of CoastLife Church:

Thank you for reaching out to us and for the opportunity to communicate with you. We are aware of the situation and are saddened that there is an issue between us and our neighbor. We love our city and our neighborhood and exist to serve and improve the community that we love. Our church services have seen hundreds of lives experience change and receive hope. We provide food and activities in our monthly block parties to express our love for people. We do our best to try to help meet the needs of teachers and students in our local schools. In addition to our local efforts we also provide global assistance through our strategic partnerships that help feed and cloth children in impoverished communities. Our heart is to be known for the good that we do.

When we became aware of a noise concern, our first response was to downsize our speakers in order to help remedy the situation. When that first step didn’t resolve it, we also took multiple other steps such as adding sound panels, and on several different occasions adding various types of insulation to help improve the situation.

Our goal has always been to be in compliance with the ordinances of our county and be good neighbors to our community. According to our knowledge we currently comply with all of the local requirements.

We are still exploring ways to improve our presence in the neighborhood. At the end of the day our hope is to be good neighbors while also providing dynamic worship services that enable us to fulfill our mission of leading people to abundant life in Christ.

Moving Life Forward-

Jason Warman

CoastLife Church

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