Mote announces location for new aquarium

Mote announces new location for aquarium

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Mote Marine Laboratory is detailing the plans on their new education aquarium planned at the site. One that they hope doubles its number of visitors.

This new aquarium will be called Mote Sea and according to Mote officials will feature more than a million gallons of exhibits.

Mote officials and scientist held this announcement at the finish tower in Nathan Benderson Park this afternoon.

This is just steps from where the new aquarium will stand. Mote Sea plans to have three state-of-the-art STEM teaching labs. They say they will be able to hold STEM programs for nearly 68,000 students in the area.

Not only that, they say this new location will be easy to access as it will be located near I-75 bringing more visitors to the park and both Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

“Right now it’s on City Island, and in the winter it becomes unreachable because of traffic and this is a wonderful access from I-75 and the cross roads going east to west,” Mote Board of Trustees Chairman, Sam Seider said. “43 million cars a year will go by.”

Crews started to work here on location before construction begins. They hope to make this the Silicon Valley of Marine Science here in the area.

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