Funds being distributed to Manatee County schools to heighten security measures

Manatee School District receives security grant

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Manatee County Schools made a big move this week to increase school safety.

Just last night, the school board voted to accept more than one million dollars in grant money to increase security measures.

The money is coming from the Florida Department of Education and will benefit schools across Manatee County.

“I’d like to see more cameras around,” Christian Pena, a Manatee High School student said.

Parents and students across the county welcome the increased security measures paid for by that million dollars.

The money will pay for more than 300 security cameras to be installed in ten Manatee County schools. Four middle schools, five high schools and Horizons Academy.

“Kids should be more safer to go to school and know if they get hurt or something by a student or teacher or something they know they have a security camera that saw everything,” Nyyuana Dungy, a student at Palmetto High School said.

Portions of the grant will also be going to fencing to harden 31 schools in the district.

“If it was more gated it will be harder to come on campus when you want. It’s too many students to put on lockdown at once,” Marquavious Maze, an alumnus of Palmetto High School said.

There is no word yet on when security camera systems will be installed in those ten schools. We were told the grant was applied for about six months ago.

The superintendent only has authority to accept or spend 50,000 dollars. Anything over that amount is something the school board members would have to approve.

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