Police receive AEDs to help with responding to emergencies

North Port squads now equipped with AED's

NORTH PORT (WWSB) - New lifesaving measures will be hitting the streets of North Port to decrease the time of when first responders arrive to a scene.

North Port police Officers will now be able to step in and make a difference before an ambulance especially with calls related to cardiac arrests and other emergencies by having an automatic external defibrillator (AED).

“That went very well for her,” said Rose Robinson whose sister was saved with an AED. “It saved her life.”

It was a close call for Robinson’s sister just a few years ago and she says if it wasn’t for the AED that came with the fire department, it probably would have been a different outcome.

“I’m sure she would’ve passed away if they hadn’t gotten there and done that fast enough,” Robinson said.

Now, North Port hopes to have more stories of survival, because every police squad car will now have an AED.

“Now, when we go to a medical call or any call that turns into a medical call, we’re not just standing their waiting for help," Officer Scott Guzman of the North Port Police Department said. "We’re actively saving someone’s life. We’re no longer looking around and waiting to hear the sirens of the fire department to come. We are there. We have the tool and we can deploy it to save someone’s life.”

The AED will give Officers step by step instructions as soon as they attach electrodes to the patient.

“These are used in cardiac arrest situation," Guzman said. "Where someones heart is no longer beating or at a rhythm that is no longer able to sustain life, so we would shock their heart back into a rhythm.”

Police say it’s just one additional way that they can help protect the lives of those in North Port. The city was able to purchase these devices thanks to a local partnership with the Harry Shapiro Foundation.

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