Davenport found guilty of second degree murder

Daniel Davenport found guilty of second-degree murder

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - A Sarasota man has been found guilty of second degree murder after being arrested and charged last October.

31-year-old Daniel Davenport has also been found guilty on 12 more counts on other charges.

In late October, Davenport was apprehended in Orlando by sheriff’s deputies working with U.S. Marshals.

The sheriff's office began searching for Davenport after the body of 55-year-old Sergio Hostins of Sarasota was found in a home being remodeled in Naples by construction workers on Tuesday, October 9. Hostins' body had been wrapped in carpeting, A/C duct wrap and plastic bags.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office learned through an autopsy that Hostins had been murdered but could not identify him as his fingerprints were not in the database. However, a fingerprint at the home on one of the bags Hostins' body was in connected Davenport to the case.

Deputies learned from the contractor at the property that Davenport had been hired to remove trees at the Naples home and that he had driven a green Subaru Forester there on Monday, October 8, the same day Hostins and his green Subaru Forester had been reported missing in Sarasota.

Deputies in Collier County then turned the case over to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.

In Sarasota, deputies interviewed witnesses, including Davenport's brother-in-law, who told deputies that Davenport came to him on Sunday, October 7 and asked "how far offshore would you have to go to dump something so it would not be found" adding he had "a body he needed to get rid of."

Deputies were granted a search warrant to enter Davenport's home. Inside, they say they found carpeting, A/C wrap and bags like those used to conceal Hostins' body.

Then they searched Hostins' apartment on Medici Court. Inside, they found an iPad that showed Hostins and Davenport had been communicating on October 4 and nude images of Davenport were taken the same day. Hostins was not seen alive again after October 4.

An arrest warrant was issued for Davenport on Thursday, October 11. He was spotted in both the Tampa and Orlando areas driving Hostins' vehicle.

A little more than a week later, he was taken into custody.

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