Casey Keys sandbag installation underway in Sarasota

Sandbag repair on Casey Key Road

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Sandbag installation is currently in progress on Casey Key by Sarasota County Public Works.

The residents of Casey Key had two options for these sandbags before the initial design was started a year ago.

One is the small white sandbags that people are familiar with. The other is a larger sandbag that the county actually used. It was a four-foot square sandbag that county officials say was actually recommended due to the two stack tier design. “The manufacturer was there on site to help us install them to put on the two rows on the bottom and then on top,” said Sarasota County Public Works Manager Larry Mau.

The county says the two tiers of sandbags set up a year ago were damaged. Now, they are working to repair these sandbags and shutting down a portion of Casey Key Road.

“The permanent solution that we are seeking is a rock revetment. It will tie in to the seawall on the North end and proceed South anywhere from 4 to 6 hundred feet, which will be our permanent protection,” Mau said.

The plan is to have the rock revetment built within the next three to four years.


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