Englewood Elementary School gets a building makeover

Englewood Elementary School Makeover

SARASOTA (WWSB) - A big part of a historic elementary school is getting a makeover. The only elementary school in Englewood will replace its main building, which has stood for more than half a century.

The building dates back to 1963 and teacher Liz Cole has been here for 30 of those years. She says mold, plumbing and bad lighting have been daily battles, but change is coming, after the district approved a plan to replace the school building.

Principal Mark Grossenbacher says, “The addition of the new kindergarten building is going to be something that is very special and something that we are very excited about. We’re older than most cities in Florida that when we are adding a new building that is 60 years in the making, we have to do it right.”

Students and staff have made the best of what they have to work with, even though the building is crumbling and out of date. when the new building is in, Grossenbacher says Englewood Elementary will be ahead of the game.

“It’s going to be an opportunity for the students to be safe and comfortable, of course safety is paramount. And we also need to think when we are building and planning, what education can look like in the future, not what it looks like now," says Grossenbacher.

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