Concerns over Cortez Plaza parking lot problems continue

Cortez parking lot concerns

BRADENTON (WWSB) - While the drainage pipe problems that caused holes to form at Cortez Plaza in Bradenton have been fixed, some shoppers are still concerned for their safety.

Another hole recently formed at the plaza, which is located along Cortez Road, east of U.S. 41.

“I don’t know what the problem is but whatever the problem is seems like they’re not fixing it,” said Beverly Comstock, who has been shopping at the shopping center for more than a decade.

But in the last few years, she says it’s normal to see a fence surrounding the area where a sinkhole once was. For Comstock, it’s not only an eyesore, but a hassle as well.

“I’ve had a couple of surgeries, I don’t want to walk far so I circle around,” she said.

Last year, Manatee County started making repairs steps away from a laundry mat, and other small businesses. The fence is still in place, around some grass and gravel. But closer to the parking center entrance, another fenced-off hole.

Manatee County says the second hole is fairly new, and the shopping center is in foreclosure. The county attorney’s office is working to notify the lien holder about the condition of the parking lot.

While some shoppers are concerned, others say they’ll keep on shopping.

“They covered it up, they did what they did but I feel safe. It don’t bother me, you don’t business around that fence,” said Jimmy McEniar.

We did call a leasing company that says they’re the property owners of the plaza, but our calls have not been returned.

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