Sewage spill affects Sarasota neighborhood

5 thousand gallons of sewage spilled

SARASOTA (WWSB) - A stinky and potentially sickening situation for some Sarasota County residents as more than 5,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled from a lift station. It happened just off of Bounty Drive in the Sarasota Gulf Gate neighborhood South of Clark Road on Sunday.

“When I took the dogs out yesterday, I noticed such an odor it even grabbed me in my throat," said Robert Galasinski.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection says 5,500 gallons of the sewage absorbed in the area around the lift station. The pumps failed because of an electrical problem, subsequently causing the spill.

Galasinski says the smell is unbearable, but he is more concerned with contamination. “When I moved here all those tanks used to be above ground. They got rid of all those tanks and put them underground now, but I think this is the second time it has happened now.”

And living right across from the lift station, he’s just hoping something like this never happens again. “If that were to ever overflow again and we have a major storm, where’s that surge going to go? Is it going to come all this way?”

County officials Monday say the station is being evaluated to determine the cause of the failure and they will make improvements to prevent future occurrences.

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