Lakewood Ranch HS graduate Jackson Kelley recovers from horrific hit-and-run accident

Jackson Kelley's progress since horrific crash

SARASOTA (WWSB) - It has been a long road for 19-year-old Jackson Kelley. Just two months ago, he was severely injured in a crash on U.S. 41 in Sarasota caught on video.

It was 24-year old Zachari Brock who collided with Kelley’s car and allegedly left the scene of the crash.

“There’s no excuse for leaving the scene like that after how bad an accident it was," said Kelley.

While he’s upset about the alleged actions of Brock, his main focus now is trying to heal.

“From a physical standpoint, I’m really weak right now. I’m 30-pounds lighter than I should be. I lost 45 pounds when I was in a coma.”

Still trying to pack on some weight, Kelley says the most difficult part is the physical therapy.

“I had to learn how to learn how to walk again, how to talk properly because of a hole in my trachea and my vocal cords were all messed up.”

He just wants to let everyone know he attributes a lot to where he is today.

“I’m not super religious, but I attribute it to all the positive thoughts. I had thousands of people praying for me, seeing me and sending me cards. I had a GoFundMe page that blew up with like a thousand people donating. The care I got at Sarasota Memorial is like the biggest contribution for me to be where I am now.”

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