Talks continue to redevelop Love Apartments property in Bradenton

Plans to redevelop Love Apartments

BRADENTON (WWSB) - The city of Bradenton continues to look into redeveloping the entire property where the Love Apartments currently sit.

The 38-units on this 1.6 acre site at 6th Street Court East and Ninth Avenue East in Bradenton could be demolished in the near future. The city plans on turning it into Lincoln Village, a 50-unit development, most of which would be affordable housing. The estimated cost to tear down the current units and build new ones is 13 million dollars.

“The property has potential to be redeveloped in a much more positive way and we would like to expand on the wonderful redevelopment that we’re having downtown and moving further and further out,” said Jeannie Roberts, Communications Coordinator for the City of Bradenton.

The current development has been around for many decades. The city acquired the units back in 2006. A lot of people living there say they are concerned about being kicked out without having anyplace to go. One resident we talked with who wished not be identified says her biggest concern is not having an affordable place to move to if and when this redevelopment happens.

“Gonna lose your home, but it’s progress.”

The city says a very important part of the discussion in the months ahead will be where to place residents.

“There will be communication with the residents, you can’t just throw people out on the street that’s against the law, we have no intention of doing that," said Roberts. "There will be places to put them, there will be opportunity to speak to them.”

Danzel Stewart says he’s excited to see the possibilities regarding this property. He had spent a lot of time there when his grandmother was living in one of the units.

“It needs to be better, just look at it,” said Stewart.

With all the steps that still need to be taken, the city says the beginning parts of this redevelopment project could still be at least a year or two away.

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