Sheriff offices statewide crackdown on bad drivers in school zones

Manatee School Zone Safety

MANATEE COUNTY (WWSB) - If you drive through any school zones pay attention! Sheriff’s deputies across the state are cracking down on drivers not obeying the law when it comes to school zones.

Sheriff deputies with the traffic unit say they come across many drivers not obeying school zone safety laws. To crack down, sheriff offices across the state, including Manatee and Sarasota counties, are doing what’s called Operation School Zone Safety.

Sergeant Michael Kenyan was one of the deputies looking for drivers not following the rules at Bayshore Elementary’s school zone.

“We just want voluntary compliance. The school zone is to keep the kids safe," says Kenyan.

Crossing guards at Bayshore Elementary School agrees safety is top priority.

Charles Smith has worked as the school’s crossing guard for three years. He says he’s glad more law enforcement is out this week but wish drivers would follow the rules even when they’re not.

He says some drivers seem to have no respect for the crossing guards or the students. Some even honking for kids to cross quicker so that they can get on their way.

Speeding isn’t the only broken law the traffic unit is keeping a close eye on. They’re also on the lookout for those breaking bicycle and pedestrian laws and drivers failing to stop for school buses.

Operation School Zone Safety Week is hosted by the Florida Sheriff’s Association.

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