Derelict motel SeaBreeze Inn set for demolition

Seabreeze Inn set for demolition

SARASOTA (WWSB) - A motel on Sarasota’s North Tamiami Trail known for drugs and prostitution is set for demolition.

Following multiple on-site inspections by code enforcement, the city notified the property owner last December that the buildings on the site were unsafe, and needed to come down. The Seabreeze Inn is the second they’ve removed in the last 6 months.

“It’s been on our radar screen for quite a while and this landlord was particularly difficult. He was notorious using every trick in the book to avoid and delay enforcement," said City of Sarasota manager Tom Barwin.

At this point, one building has already been fully demolished. The remaining four buildings are currently being demolished and the property owner is being fined $50 a day until they are torn down.

“We have pretty extensive code enforcement with the third, but we will have to meet with the state to be sure that these hotels and the rooms are inspected much more rigorously in the future," said Barwin.

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