What’s being built in the City of Sarasota

Construction projects in the City of Sarasota

SARASOTA (WWSB) -The landscape of the City of Sarasota is constantly changing as new construction and cranes pop up around town.

There are currently 28 construction projects the city has currently going on. Some big projects include The Grande, The Mark, and BLVD.

The Grande is right next to The Ritz-Carlton and it’s the first part of redevelopment for the Quay site. It’s going to be an 18-story mixed use building with 72 condos, restaurants, and a parking garage.

BLVD is located at the corner of Boulevard of the Arts and U.S. 41. It will be an 18-story building with 49 condos along with restaurant, retail, and office space. That will be complete by the end of the year.

The Mark will be located at Pineapple and State Street. That’ll be an 11-story building with 157 condos, retail, and office space. It will be complete by the fall.

While some people like all of this change, one Sarasota resident said she doesn't like big buildings going up in the middle of downtown.

"You can't see the skyline anymore from any side of the downtown. I love to walk around and it has kind of ruined the downtown my opinion, there's no need for a building like this right in the center of the city," said part time Sarasota resident, Susan Hollins.

Along with the 28 buildings under construction, there's 48 buildings in development.

The full development report can be found here.

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