Vice Mayor wants to promote “legacy” businesses in Sarasota

Vice Mayor wants to promote “legacy” businesses in Sarasota

SARASOTA (WWSB) - It’s worked in Seattle, San Francisco and as close as St. Petersburg so Vice Mayor Jennifer Ahearn-Koch says she wants to bring it to Sarasota.

Ahearn-Koch wants to honor local businesses who have weathered the storms, the recession and been a constant cog in the local economy.

“They often are small, independent, family run... they procure their products locally, locally-sourced ingredients, and that further promotes our economy. So I would like to see a way that we could, as a city, support and brag about these sorts of businesses," Ahearn-Koch said.

Ahearn-Koch says she’s not sure if it will take the form of stickers in front windows or a listing on the city website. She’s going to pitch the concept to her fellow-commissioners this afternoon at a 3pm workshop at City Hall.

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