Recipe for French Onion Soup by Siesta Key Summerhouse

Recipe for French Onion Soup by Siesta Key Summerhouse
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SARASOTA (WWSB) - French Onion Soup

See How Siesta Key Summerhouse Makes French Onion Soup | Suncoast View

By Chef Evan Gastman

Siesta Key Summerhouse Steak & Seafood

Serves 4 people

Serves 4

4 # sliced onions 1/8 in thick. (Blend of sweet,red,Spanish onions)

2 oz. clarified Butter

1 oz. wagyu tallow

2 sprigs of fresh thyme pulled from stems

2 c. Madeira wine- or another sweetened fortified cooking wine

2 qt. Beef bone broth

1 qt. roasted chicken bone broth

2 tsp, salt

10 turns on a pepper mill

4 ea. slices rustic baguette or focaccia type bread.

1.5 oz. bone marrow butter 8 slices sharp provolone cheese

8 oz. shredded Gruyere cheese

4 oz. crispy onions for garnish.

Method of preparation

In a heavy bottom rondo or large even cooking sauté pan, add tallow and clarified butter. Heat over medium heat until fat begins to simmer. Add blended onions. Mixing well once the onions have reduced in have by volume add seasoning and fresh picked thyme. Lower the heat to med-low. This is the most crucial step in the entire recipe. We don’t want to rush this. Keeping a close eye on the onions stirring them often until they are a deep rich caramel color. Should take up to 45 minutes. Continuing to prep the remaining ingredients, once the onions have reached perfect caramelization we will de-glaze with the Madeira wine. Preheat the broiler in your oven. Toasted the rustic bread can be done earlier in the day. Add the warmed beef and chicken bone broths to the Madeira onion mix. Simmer this for 15-20 min until the flavors have become one. Taste for seasoning and adjust if need be. Making sure the Onion Crocks are heated, you don’t ever want to pour soup into a cold vessel. Ladle soup into the individual crocks setting on a sheet tray for ease of moving from broiler to the plate. Place pre-toasted bread over ladled soup. Top each one with 2 slices of cheese and evenly divide the shred gruyere cheese. Place under broiler until cheese is golden and melting. Carefully remove from oven and place on underlined plate so the guest can move it around without touching the hot cock.

Place desired garnish and enjoy.

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