Sailor Circus performing in renovated arena this weekend

Sailor Circus debuts remodels arena

SARASOTA (WWSB) - There is a lot of excitement in the air. If you’re looking to check out a fun circus featuring many young talented performers, the Sailor Circus Arena is the place to be.

From flying through the air on a rope swing to just your typical bike ride on the ground, the Sailor Circus is family fun for everyone with this year’s theme taking people through the decades.

“It’s the 70th anniversary of Sailor Circus, it’s the nation’s longest running youth circus celebrating our heritage here in Sarasota and really fabulous, incredible kids who dedicate themselves to art,” said Jennifer Mitchell, Executive Vice President of The Circus Arts Conservatory.

The circus features about 60 students between the ages of 10 through 18 performing a wide variety of acts.

“Performing is thrilling, the adrenaline rush when the audience is in front of you and you’re performing a large trick such as a double layout in flying trapeze, it’s astonishing,” said Jake Peterman, a senior at Sarasota High School and a performer in the circus.

“It’s really a great experience because I get to work with everybody and I get to learn a lot about teamwork and also we get to explore a lot of what we can do,” said Emily O’Neill, an 8th grade student at Sarasota Middle School and a performer in the circus.

The arena on Bahia Vista Street in Sarasota has undergone about a 4.5 million dollar renovation. The performances this weekend and next weekend will give spectators a chance to enjoy the state of the art arena for the first time since the upgrades.

“It includes new flooring, new seating, new restrooms, new office space and most notably air conditioning, we like to say it’s going to be the coolest venue in town,” said Mitchell.

There will be eight performances of the Sailor Circus. Four will take place this Thursday through Saturday and four more performances are going on next Thursday through Saturday.

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