Over 1,200 pounds of trash removed from Sarasota Bay

Updated: Apr. 15, 2019 at 6:12 PM EDT
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SARASOTA (WWSB) - A team effort results in more than 12-hundred pounds of trash pulled from Sarasota Bay. The City of Sarasota sustainability manager Stevie Freeman-Montes says trash was collected both on land and underwater. 80 pounds of it was material that could have been recycled such as tires, radios and even an old crab trap were gathered from the bottom of the bay wreaking havoc on the Eco-system. “Wildlife eats it and picks at it over time and if a small fish is eating it and a bigger fish eatrs the smaller fish, it just trickles up the food chain.”, said Freeman-Montes

Eventually causing extreme long term effects if various community volunteers and agencies did not conduct cleanups throughout the year. “These things are often made of petroleum and they break down and have chemicals within them so it’s important to keep this stuff out of our bay and our waterfronts, but to clean it up when it is already there.”, said Freeman-Montes

Sarasota Bay Estuary program’s Darcy Young said this trash can make flooding issues even worse. “Especially when we have it in our creek regions. bottles, cans and consumer debris items can stop up our storm water systems and cause flooding issues to get worse.”

Young says it’s all about everyone doing their part.

“Just walking along the road picking up a few pieces of trash every time you go out to walk the dog. That stuff really matters...all that stuff on your street will eventually find its way into the bay.”

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