VIDEO: Helicopter crashes nose first into water off Coquina Beach

VIDEO: Helicopter crashes nearshore waters in Longboat Key

LONGBOAT KEY (WWSB) - A helicopter crashed Saturday into the water around 100 yards away from the Coquina Beach boat ramp on Longboat Key.

It happened around 12:30pm. Deputies say the pilot, 48-year-old Josef Bakker, who recently received his pilot license, was flying over the Intercoastal Waterway while his co-pilot, 41-year-old James Rahming, took photos of boats.

Small helicopter crashes near Coquina Beach boat ramp

At some point, deputies say Bakker made a maneuver to change directions in the Robinson R22 helicopter but failed to realize he didn’t have enough altitude for the move. The helicopter hit the water nose first.

Bakker and Rahming were pulled from the water. Neither were injured.

The aircraft was towed to the Coquina Beach boat ramp, where it was eventually removed from the water.

Helicopter crashes in Longboat Key
Helicopter crashes in Longboat Key (Source: Felipe Goncalves)

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