Sarasota Police increasing patrols in Newtown following a spike in shootings

Sarasota police increasing patrols

SARASOTA (WWSB) - “Scary, real scary,” Alton Young, a Newtown resident.

What Young is talking about is the constant gunfire plaguing his neighborhood. He tells us even his 16-year-old grandson was recently struck by a bullet. Fortunately he’s okay, but all these shootings are very concerning.

“People can’t even sleep at night because of all the shootings and all that,” said Young.

Sarasota Police say they’ve responded to at least 30 calls for service where gunfire was reported, some of them deadly. They will now be adding more patrols to the area than ever before.

“We started crunching numbers looking at the data, also received many phone calls from concerned citizens in the area who are really asking for help from the Sarasota Police Department," said Captain Demetri Konstantopoulos with the Sarasota Police Department. "Really great people in the Newtown community that want to live in peace.”

Not everyone is sold on this idea. Newtown activist Valerie Buchand tells us adding more police is not the solution.

“It’s not all police that’s needed, our people need to have a forgiving spirit and stop killing each other,” said Buchand.

Because of safety concerns, police are not mentioning how many more officers will be on patrol.

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